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The most modern, feature packed, Independent auction platform on the market today. Taking the lane/block auction to the next level.

Live bid auto auctions for car dealers

Lane Manager

Our auction software is built for both the buyer and sellers customer experience. The Auction Simplified™ platform is filled with useful and innovative features to make your lane style auction a success.

  • Proxy Buyers Love it, allowing the buyer to place a bid worry free. The software places the bids when the live auction starts, keeping pace with the lane. video
  • Block Attendants Love it: our lane manager software keeps the Block Attendant informed of whats up next, how many bidder and even lets them manage what's on the display screen. video
  • Auctioneers Love it: It helps them manage three bidding sources at once, Online, Internet Proxy and Live in the lane and it does it with ease.
  • Auction Owners Love it because bidders get into a bidding battle on-site and online which increases the number of bids per car.
  • Buyers Love it: because they can bid from the car, online and proxy bid if they can't be there.
  • Billing Office Loves it: Bidders get invoices emailed to them as they win cars, they can manage there invoices online or print them out.
  • Accounting Managers Love it: Set credit limits, control cashiering, block bad buyers and track payments and floor-plan. video

How Does Auction Simplified's Lane Manager Work?

  • Loading Cars video
  • -Load cars as they arrive using our smart phone app.
  • -Build Condition reports and take video
  • -Track missing titles
  • -Launching a car to auction takes less then 5 minutes including CR and Photos
  • -The smart phone app, compresses photos to make them upload faster saving time.
  • -Print window stickers
  • -Assign lane numbers
  • During the Auction
  • -Bidders bid as normal in the lane
  • -Block attendant and Auctioneer local bids so they can compete with proxy bids and online Internet bidders
  • -Once sold block attendant can print invoice, check credit limit on the fly.
  • -Software sends the invoice to on and off-line buyers as soon as the car is sold.
  • Auctioneer can "No Sale" a car or Take a hard 2nd chance offer right in the lane.
  • After the Auction
  • -Cashiers can print invoices video
  • -Mark payments with our simplified cashiering system
  • -Follow up on non payments and slow pay video
  • -Rate your buyers on five star scale
  • Reporting
  • -See who your top buyers are.
  • -Which lane works the best
  • -Which auctioneer preforms the best.
  • -Which vehicles sell the best
  • -Auction sell rate
  • -Buyers can see the auction results.


1. Check-in the Cars

1 Checking in Cars with Auction Simplified Software for your Indie Auction

Our smartphone app gives you the ability to check-in cars right from your auction lot. It allows you to: take photos, build condition reports, scan the VIN, and even post the cars to your website live with just a touch of a button..

2. Auction Web Site

2 Fully Automated Auto Auction Website for Indie Auto Auctions with VDP.

No need to create PDF's of your run lists and manually post them on your site, they are posted instantly as the cars are added (or uploaded). It’s a fully automated auto auction website for Indie Auto Auctions.

3. Registration Page

3 Auto Auction Bidder Registration And Marketing

Auction Simplified comes with a beautiful registration page that's built right into your car auction website. It allows new buyers to register for your vehicle auction.

4. VMS Integration

4 Auto Auction Integration with Dealership VMS Inventory

Integration with the member selling dealers vehicle management system. At Check-in just scan the VIN, tweak the details, then launch the car online. Sweet...

5. Live Run Lists

5 Auto Auction Advanced Run List and Vehicle Detail Pages

A detailed auto run list engages wholesale vehicle buyers in your indie auction in a new and immersive way. Bidders can create watch lists right from your auction website.

6. Proxy Bidding

6 Auto Auction Pre Bid with Proxy or Silent bidding for Independent Auto Auctions

We offer two versions of pre-bidding for our independent auction customers: Proxy bidding: bids placed pre-sale are used in $100 increments against the lane bids. Silent bid: bids are applied in full as the starting figure.

7. Lane Manager

7 Auto Auction Lane Management Software with Simulcast Available

With our Auction Lane Manager, you can scroll through cars live with the actual cars in the lane, see internet bidders competing with the Lane, live on the block, mark the car sold, no sale or if bid.

8. 2nd Chance Sale

8 Automotive 2nd Chance Auction For No Sale Transactions at Auto Auctions

One of the hottest features of Auction Simplified is the 2nd chance sale. It allows you to post no sales for a second chance auction so you can increase your sell rate and manage the if sales for your auction.

9. Cashiering

9 Auto Auction Cashiering and Title Tracking

Auction Simplified's Lane Manager, makes managing your auction easy: printable bidder's lanyards, cashiering, receipts & excellent title tracking

10. Invoice&Checks

10 Auction Notifications, Check Writing and Invoicing for Indie Auto Auctions

We can send push notifications to buyers & sellers, letting them know how much they owe & if their titles are ready, write checks to the sellers and much more.

11. SMS Marketing

11 Broadcast Texting for Indie Auto Auction Marketing

Texting bidders with their permission is by far the quickest way to get their attention. With Auction Simplified's Auto Auction Software we make it as simple as clicking a button.

12. HD Simulcast

12 HD Simulcast with Live Lane Walk Around

HD simulcast with immersive low cost Live Lane walk-around, is the perfect solution for Independent Auto Auctions who want to offer their bidders more.

About Auction Simplified

We Help Dealers Become Their Own Wholesale Online Auction
By eliminating the expenses of transporting cars and the high fees associated with selling cars at big box auctions, Auction Simplified has increased dealer profit and lowered the cost to wholesale cars.
We Help Towing Companies Run World Class Salvage Auctions Online and In-Person
We provide full integration with major towing software, so you don't have to load inventory a second time or do the accounting twice. We include a smart phone app that makes processing inventory simple and convenient.
We Help Independent Auctions and Dealers Holding Lane Sales
With an inexpensive yet amazingly robust software solution that includes HD-Simulcast, state of the art lane management along with bidders app.
We Help Dealers Already Running a Pen and Paper Bid Sale
Auction Simplified will enhance the existing pen and paper style by adding hundreds of online national buyers from their wholesale marketplace. Using the velocity approach to wholesale, cars are online in front of hundreds of buyer’s sooner and are sold faster.
We Help Reduce Dealers Expenses
It's absolutely free to selling dealers and towing companies. No seller fees or software fee. In most cases this alone will save dealers $250,000 per year
Helps Wholesale Buyers Save Money
Due to our tiny buyers fees and the reduction in costs for the participating dealers, prices are lower.
Our Software is Easy to Use with World Class Support:
Our Simplified software requires less of a learning curve so you will be up and running in moments, however, Auction Simplified is committed to providing ongoing training, proactive coaching and support to ensure dealers achieve results they never thought possible. Join the almost 8% of dealers who have their own private wholesale marketplace..

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