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"Think Outside the Block"

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Control the Profit

Dealers who run their own bid sale auctions make 5-14% higher wholesale profit.

Less Insurance Liability

Who wants an 18-year-old lot kid driving your car to the auction on your dealer plates?

Less or No Transportation Fees

Avoid one of the largest expenses; shipping your car to the auction and back.

Make More Money

LESS: Transport, liability, travel, theft, fraud & fees MORE: wholesalers & bids = MORE $$$

No Travel for your Managers

Sniffing fumes at an auction is old news, why leave the store when you don't have to?

No Back Room Deals

With our auction software all transactions are recorded. Put an end to shady deals for good.

More Bids on your Cars

Online and local bidding encourages our entire network to bid on your cars.

Build Wholesaler Relationships

When the wholesalers trust you, they bid more. Get to know them online and in person

Less Theft

How many times have you taken cars to auction only to discover parts missing?

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Auction Simplified Helps Dealers Hold Their Own Private Online Auction

By eliminating the expenses of transporting cars and the high fees associated with selling cars at big box auctions, Auction Simplified has increased dealer profit and lowered the cost to wholesale cars.

For Dealers Already Running a Bid Sale

Auction Simplified will enhance the existing pen and paper style by adding hundreds of online national buyers from their wholesale marketplace. Using the velocity approach to wholesale, cars are online in front of hundreds of buyer’s sooner and are sold faster.

Dealers Love Auction Simplified

It's absolutely free to them. No seller fees, software fees or set up fees. Their industry veteran trainers will have your auction up and running in no time.

Wholesale Buyers Love Auction Simplified

Buyers fees are tiny and since it is less expensive for the dealer to sell; prices are lower.

Easy to Use:

Our Simplified software requires less of a learning curve so you will be up and running in moments, however, Auction Simplified is committed to providing ongoing training, proactive coaching and support to ensure dealers achieve results they never thought possible.

Join the almost 8% of dealers who have their own private wholesale marketplace.